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New Car!

Well I got my new car; I got a 2007 Chrysler 300. So the process started by me searching almost every car dealership in my area through the internet for the car I wanted. I narrowed it down to the Dodge Charger and the Chrysler 300. I went to a dealership named Pat Peck for the Charger and Chuck Stevens for the 300. I figured whichever one gives me the better deal, that’s the car I’ll get. Well I got to Pat Peck and they did not have the Charger I had my eye on that I saw on the internet. Instead they decided to find me a Charger, the results was a white 2006 with 40K miles on it for $18800. I had not yet heard from Chuck Stevens so I was about to sign for the Charger even though I didn’t care for the color or the price. Well before the process was complete, Chuck Stevens called. “Do you still want that 300?”
I said “yes, but im about to sign for a charger now at another dealership.”
“Well if you come now, I’ll give you the 300 for no money down today!”
I was so excited! “Yes, im coming now!” In the end, the 300 is the better car, it’s $2,000 cheaper, internet price of $16900, 32k miles, 2007, much better deal. Instead of going for no money down, I decided to give them $1000.00 down; as a result, my monthly payments will only be $329.00 per month. I drove over there myself which is about 45mins from the city so I did not drive the car home yesterday. My mom is taking me this morning to pick up the car, im so excited. On my way to the dealership I got a ticket. I was driving one of my mom’s cars which has 22’s, chromed out, etc. So I believed he just profiled me because of the car, I was pulled over because I did not switch lanes! The state trooper had a car pulled over giving him a ticket, well I didn’t know if you were driving on the interstate and you had to change lanes if you saw a state trooper pulled over on the side of the road. I thought the ticket was complete BS, $178.00, just terrible!

I Got the Job!

Well the week has been really good. On April 18th I had to make a decision to leave my job because my job interfered with my school schedule. Well I stepped out on faith, I declared that I would find another job, I spoke it, prayed it, God told me to trust in him, rely on him, I did not doubt, I believed in my heart, and I received that it had already been done. I took my faith and I worked it! Well Tuesday I had an interview, on Wednesday I got a call confirming that I had got the job! Isn’t God good!?! He never ever fails; it’s just so amazing! I start on June 11, I will be getting paid the same amount of money but with a better bonus structure, my hours will be about 25 hours per week. So I didn’t miss a beat, didn’t have to take a pay cut, didn’t have to extensively search, this transition could have not been any smoother. I started school on Tuesday, I secured a job, and my last day at work was today. God honors his word, and I am proof that the word works when you stand on it. Just stand on the word, seek God first, and he will provide all your needs. I just can’t say enough about goodness of God, he gets all the glory, all the honor and all the praise!! Praise the Lord!!

The Columbian Soup

Well today was a good day, it was very relaxed. Emily & Andres took US History last semester so when I told then I was taking it this semester; they offered to lend me their book the entire semester. So I said I would come get it, she told me not to eat anything because they will have a little cook out for me. Emily & Andres are Columbian so they made a really nice Columbian soup and we had some grilled steaks. The soup was very different, unlike any soup i've every tasted. I was there for about 3 hours, i had a great time. After I left there I did a little shopping, came home and started to get ready for tomorrow.

I have to train my body to go to bed early, the idea time is between 10 and 11. I usually go to bed between 12 and 1. I figure since I get up every morning at 6 anyway, if I go to bed early I would get more sleep. Well tomorrow will be a long day, School 8am till 12:15pm, interview 1pm, work 2pm till 10pm. I guess I’ll grab some lunch on my way to the interview, then dinner around 5:30 at work. Anyway, im excited and ready to go for tomorrow, im going to jump out of my bed and leap into my day!

Where Did She Come From!?!

I’ve only known Merly for a week now and we’ve been communicating very often. Last night we talked for 4 hours, the night before 3 hours, and the day before 3 hours. We met Monday and it’s like, where did you come from! She has so much energy and is so full of life. She is a Medical Terminology student, very smart and have goals set in place and trying to accomplish something in life.

Im being active as possible in the dating scene, you can’t choose if you don’t have choices. And until I find the right person to become involved with, I won’t stop. My options are always open until I am officially no longer single. But every person that I come in contact, I see it as a step closer after taking a long break from dating for a year, to obtaining that goal of companionship that I’ve set for myself for this year…

The Real Interview!

Well Thursday I went to put in my application at Stokes and Clinton Law Firm, my friend who referred me to her boss told me to ask for him after I gave the application. Well I did and the secretary said he was in a meeting. So I left and they informed me they would call me. My friend called me later that day and told her boss I had came and he advised me to call him the next morning. So I called him, we talked for about 3mins and he told me to come for an interview on Tuesday at 1pm. I get out of school that day at 12:15; I have to be at my current job at 1pm as well. But I will go to the interview, possibly arrive at work at 2pm, Im sure it won’t be any less.

I feel confident that I have this job, I am over qualified, it’s just a matter of the schedule working out, along with pay which im told neighter is a problem. The pay is negotiable; I think I can really get my value here, possibly even more! I was prepared to take a pay cut, I know not many part time jobs will pay me what I currently make but at this job, because it’s dealing with the same field, I can make the same or more so it works out great.

I do know if I am hired Tuesday, I don’t want to start until possibly a week or two weeks later. My last day at work is Friday June 1. If I was hired at the Law Firm, I would want my first day to be June 11. That would give me a little break between...

And it begins...

Friday was a very long day, i went to orientation and registered for classes. I didn’t have time to get my student ID made because I had to be to work at 4 and I got in the student ID line at 3, it was so many people it would have been almost a 2 hour wait so I decided to just get it done Tuesday. Since I have no student ID, I couldn’t get my parking decal, so that will have to also be done on Tuesday. Im sure there is a little lean way the first week of school, hope I don’t get a ticket the first day for not having it.

Well after seeing my advisor, I was advised not to do a heavy load during the summer since it’s a very short semester. 6 credit hours during the summer is considered full time, I ended up taking two classes which total to 7 credit hours. I took the math placement test and I have to start with Developmental studies 83, but for my major I have to start with Math 125. So to get to that point, DS 83, then next semester I’ll take Math 12, then I’ll be able to start Math 125. I’ve only been in college for a year now and before then I had been out of school for a while. When i was majoring in nursing, I took Math 116 which was the was the only math I needed. When I transferred, they credit that course as Math 100, 116 does not exist at South. So when I took the math placement test, besides the basic things it was almost foreign to me. I don’t consider starting at DS 83 a set back because if I don’t know it, I want to learn it. There is a foundation there and you have to know level one to get to level two.

Im ready for the heavy load of Math for this major though. Starting with DS 83, Math 112, Math 125 (Calculus 1), Math 126 (Calculus 2), PH 201 (Calculus-based Physics 2), PH 202 (Calculus-based Physics 2), Math 227 (Calculus 3), Math 267 (Discrete Math Structures), and Math 238 (Differential Equations). A heavy load but im ready, and im not listening to any negative talk from anyone! "Well that is a lot of math, ohhh that would kill me, oh it's going to be hard," Be gone you space mongo, i do believe the word says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! And that is what im standing on, God's word! Let God be true and every man be a liar, if He said it...that settles it!

During our major advising, they advised us of the increasing demand for engineers. Of how companies are constantly contacting the school looking for engineers to fill positions that are such a high demand now. He said there is such a shortage that companies want to get their hands in you during your junior year to guarantee you’ll come work for them.

What is really awesome is the Cooperative Education Program, which allows you to gain valuable experience in engineering while pursing the degree. Once I complete my freshman year plus Math 125 and 126, I will be able to sign up for co-op. Companies, the larger ones in particular, are more and more recruiting graduating engineering students with internship and/or co-op experience.

This is the beginning towards my ultimate goal. The best way to reach your ulmitate goal is to tackle little small goals. My ultimate goal is to graduate, my small goal is to get thru the first semester, then the next, and so on. Im not looking at the length of time, how many courses I have to take etc. Im going to tackle the small goals, passing one semester at a time which will lead me to the ultimate goal.

An Interview?

Well I have a friend who works at a Law Firm and she told her boss I was looking for a job, part time, evenings, my experience, and that im a full time student. She said he said he would love to have me and to come by Thursday to put in an application and to ask for him! This sounds very promising, the pay is based on experience and I have 6 years worth of experience so im expecting the same or more. So we’ll see where this leads…

Well I was talking about Elena in the last post, about how she has been an extreme flirt lately. Well she got fired today! She was not the model employer but I guess that’s the last I’ll hear of her. Interesting enough, I spent a good deal of time in conversation with Mel tonight. She is very talkative so the conversation never got bored.

Was Great...

This weekend was great! Me and Dee did not get together this weekend though, so maybe some other time, whenever it happens, it happens.

I watched a couple of movies this weekend but the one that stuck out the most was “The Invisible,” that was a really awesome movie!

So I think Elena likes me, well she has been like a major flirt this last week. I find her attractive physically but she is completely opposite from me in every other way, besides that she smokes which the biggest turn off. But I don’t deeply know her yet, im really going by assumptions.

So summer semester orientation is Friday, then the first day of school starts on Tuesday the 29th. Im going to have to endure the full time school schedule and my full time work schedule until Friday June 1st my last workday. So school at 8am till 12:20, then work from 1pm till 10pm and repeat that process for the first 4 days. It’s going to be a dulling task, but I’ll get through it…

Typical Week...

Well nothing much has been going on this week, the days are great but nothing worth writing about, routine as it can be. I and Dee talked about 2 hours the other night; we had a really great conversation. Im hoping we can get together this weekend but we’ll see if her schedule matches up with mine so we can find the free time.

Well tomorrow I officially put in my resignation form, two more weeks to go; it’s going to be an interesting last two weeks. I have everything planned to make this transition as smoothly as possible. Im sure that everything will work out fine…

Righteousness By Faith

I received an email from someone on myspace, they asked me: "So, how is your walk with Christ going, what are you struggling with and what did you just have a breakthrough in?" I responded this way, I thought it was such a good email and the spirit was just flowing out of me that I should post.

Well the thing you must know is that there will always be something you are struggling with. There is never going to come a point where you say “I have arrived.”

You see that’s why you need Christ to stand in the gap for you; your righteousness comes by faith through Christ Jesus! It is not something that you can earn, it is a gift. God has already declared you righteous through Christ.

The bible says in Romans 3:20-24 “Therefore no one will be declared righteous in his sight by observing the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of sin. But now righteousness from God, apart from law, has been made known, to which the Law and the Prophets testify. This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.”

Jesus has already paid the price and we are living under grace not by law. So you can’t sit and chart yourself and say I do this many wrong, I do this many good. Does grace and righteous by faith gives you a license to sin? No! You see once you get the Holy Spirit in you; you have no desire to do the things you use to do when you were in the world. That doesn’t mean that exactually when you get born again, like magic all your bad habits will be wiped away! No, just like yourself got into them, God is going to have to get you out of them. Because you can not change yourself, no matter how hard you try, you can’t change yourself. You have to surrender and let God change you. You see God changes you from the inside first, not from the outside.

So when you do something wrong, you don’t chastise yourself and beat yourself up, repent and repent means to turn away from, not continue to do the same thing over and over again. You repent and move on and know that you are the righteousness of God by faith! God is always going to be working with you on what you struggle with. You are not a slave to sin anymore; you have been freed through Christ! You have to count yourself to dead to sin and alive in Christ. You see the Holy Spirit is a teacher and a trainer, No to the devil comes with this power. You can’t continue to do the same wrong things over and over and over again, or you’re going to feel convicted over and over and over again.

The worst kind of Christian is the one who continue to sin on purpose and try to live for Christ. The bible says no man can serve to masters; you either love one or hate the other. Anyway I would suggest you really get into the book of Romans concerning righteousness by faith through Christ. Of course this may be something you already know, but a lot of Christians doesn’t seem to know this because Religion makes them believe Holiness is a whole laundry list of things that you don’t do and do. The only we get it right is through Christ! Everything thing in the bible is in him and through him, in him and through him. That’s how we get it right, salvation is free, grace is a gift, and righteousness is a gift you can’t earn it! Jesus has already paid the price.

Romans 4:4-8 "Now when a man works, his wages are not credited to him as a gift, but as an obligation. However, to the man who does not work but trusts God who justifies the wicked, his faith is credited as righteousness. David says the same thing when he speaks of the blessedness of the man to whom God credits righteousness apart from works: "Blessed are they whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will never count against him."

I said all that to get to get to your question, what is something I struggle with? Well im not perfect, if I was I wouldn’t need Jesus. And if anyone tells you that they are, bring them here so I can rebuke them, because they’re a liar and the truth aint in them! Im ok, im not where I want to be, but im glad im not where I use to be! I can sit and give you my laundry list of things I don't do, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t curse, I don’t have casual sex, I don't lie, I don't steal, I don’t do many things, that’s all good but I still need Jesus to stand in front of God, I can’t stand in my own righteousness, and I have Jesus so I AM the righteousness of God!

The other question you asked, what God has brought me through? So many things, but if you go back to my laundry list, I use to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day! I started when I was 15, got saved in 2003, after I received Christ, God took that away from me, now it’s been almost 4 years since I last had a cigarette. The same things goes for marijuana, listening to foul music, having casual sex, I mean the list goes on and on. God has changed me from the inside and it shows on the outside. People see Christ in me! The hand of God is truly on every aspect of my life, I am truly living in abundance, to the full, till it overflows. I really enjoy every single day! Does that mean that I am complete, no! But I continue to press forward; you won’t be at the complete part until Jesus come and get you and stripe away all your faults. But you continue to press forward, and that’s where I am…pressing forward. Im not where I want to be but im ok and glad im not where I use to be. You see the devil wants you to magnify your faults, focus on the good and let God change you in time!